senior Environment artist


UK, Leeds

Position type


We're looking for a Senior Environment Artist to join our team! Due to current events, we're looking for someone to initially work remotely, but the role will be in studio as soon as things return to normal. 



  • Create 3d environment assets for use in-game to a high industry standard.

  • Build level/ scene art within a game engine using environment assets, lighting, effects, etc.

  • Creation of 3d assets through standard pipeline of High poly modelling, sculpting in Zbrush, Low poly modelling/ retopologising and UVing.

  • Creation of environment asset textures utilising high to low baking and a great knowledge of Substance Painter.

  • Create artwork to meet the direction, this will sometimes be provided by a concept artist or will be the environment artists responsibility to develop the artwork within the brief matching the style.  

  • Working closely with other disciplines such as design and engineering to ensure the artwork matches the narrative goals and fits within the performance budget.

  • Communication with the rest of the team to keep transparency of goals, deadlines and expectations..


  • Knowledge and skill within Autodesk Maya, must be able to create high poly models such as hard surface assets as well as low poly models that are game-ready with efficient and optimal poly counts, UVs, normals, etc.

  • Knowledge and skill within Pixologic Zbrush, must be able to create high poly assets for environments, this can include organic assets or hard surface assets.

  • Knowledge and skill within Substance Painter and the PBR pipeline, must be able to create materials appropriate to the asset with a keen sense of visual language and colour theory. Materials created are expected to react physically correct within game.

  • Keen design sense, must be able to conceptualize assets that will fit and blend with the game world, this may include basic blockouts in 3D to explore ideas.

  • Minimum three years experience working as an Environment Artist with shipped titles.    


  • Familiarity with the Unity engine is a plus. Knowledge and experience working within game engines and being conscious of best work practices and limitations within them.

  • Coordination, Timekeeping and organisational skills

What We Offer

  • 20 days paid annual leave plus all UK bank holidays (28 days total)

  • Flexible hours

  • Central Location: Close to Leeds city center, 15 minute walk from Leeds train station, 6 minute walk from Leeds bus station. Plenty of nearby choices for food, gyms, bars and other amenities.

  • Relaxed work environment with space for social events such as game jams, movie and game nights.

  • Occasional team activities such as cinema, lunch out, industry events and more. 

Please include a CV/ Resume in your email.